Angular Line Chart

In this blog we will discuss the capabilities of our Angular line chart.

The line charting component is one of the most widely used types of chart. It display the data points of a series and connects them with straight lines. If the line chart represents the development of a certain variable in time then the time intervals are usually shown on the X axis.

Angular line chart basic capabilities.

Our chart component for Angular supports ordinary lines charts and stacked line charts. The stacked line chart resembles the regular line chart the only difference being that you can have many lines in the same chart. With the 100% stacked charts the values of the Y axis are given as percentages. This type of chart is convenient if you want to see the differences between the values of 2 line series.

Our line chart for Angular supports also markers on the line chart. The markers are used foe easier visualization and show the values of the Y axis on top of the line. The shape and thee color of the markers can be customized.

Angular Line Chart

Angular line chart advanced capabilities.

Support of conditional colors is one of the advanced features of our charting component. This feature allow you to have different colors for the lines connecting certain points based on a preexisting condition. Sequential points having the same color are grouped automatically in a line segment.

Another advanced feature is the support of lines from multiple data sources in one chart. Here the lines are represented with stacked lines.

Support of step lines is another advanced feature. Step lines enable you to draw the connections between the points with horizontal and vertical lines. In this case the line looks step like.

Our line chart offers also Spline functionality. Spline charts are very similar the step line charts with the exception that he connection between the different points is drawn with curved line.

The line charting component for Angular is very customizable. The colors and the thickness of the lines can be changed. In addition you can add cross hairs which show the values of the X and Y axis above and you have a moving dot when you follow the line.

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