Angular Grid with Toolbar

In this blog we will show you our Angular Grid with Toolbar.

Our Angular Grid is one of the most advanced on the marked and has many features. One of the advanced features is that you can enable a ToolBar above the columns row of the Grid.

A Toolbar is used to show different components and tools. Our toolbar by default supports buttons, combo and listboxes but you can also configure other components.

Angular Grid with ToolBar features

One of the most typical use cases of the ToolBar is to display buttons related to adding and deleting rows and to finding items.

Angular Grid with Toolbar

The text and the background colors can be configured easily. You can also use one of the predefined themes.

Our ToolBar also supports automatic minimization and the tools appear in a minimized popup when there is not enough space.

The Angular Grid with Toolbar enables also tool events.

You can see an example Angular Grid.

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