Angular Grid Sorting

In this blog we will discuss the sorting capabilities of our grid for Angular.

Angular Grid sorting basics

Sorting is considered as one of the basic capabilities of all modern data grid components and is one of the most used. Our Angular Grid supports complex sorting with custom functions as well as alphabetical, numeric and date and time sorting.

Alphabetical sorting of strings can be ascending (from A to Z), or descending (from Z to A). After the values in a column are sorted there appears a small triangle next to the column name showing the direction of the sorting. The form of the triangle can be changed through CSS.

Ascending and descending sorting is supported also with numeric and float numbers and dates and times.

Angular Grid Sorting

Advanced Angular Grid sorting

You can define your own sort and compare functions with the custom sorting capability. Using these functions you can define and change the way the strings are compared. Thus you can realize sorts different than the alphabetical sorting. The custom sorting works also with numbers and dates where you can implement you own sorting logic.

An advanced features of our Angular Data Grid is the capability to change the sort background. By selecting this option you can differentiate the sorted column by setting a different background color.

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