Angular Grid Row Details

You can see in this blog how to show Row Details with our Angular Grid.

Our Angular Grid has a lot of features and can be used in complex business applications. One of the interesting features is Row Details.

With the Row Details feature you can expand each row of the grid by clicking the expand arrow on the first column. Then you can see a Tabs with the relevant details to the current row. This can be very useful if you are showing a list of employees in a grid for example and would like to see the details of each employee in the grid.

Angular Grid Row Details functionality

You can use all the other available features of the Angular Grid like sorting, filtering, grouping, paging and so on.

Angular Grid Row Details

The text and background colors can be defined in advance. You can also use the predefined themes which include 3 new Angular Material themes.

You can see the example here.

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  1. rajesh.gupta says:

    Can you embed the row details with in a cell on the same row.?

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