Angular Editor Features

In this blog we will show you the main features of our Editor component for Angular.

The Editor component is used to facilitate creating and editing text. The standard HTML text areas lack the features necessary to edit texts in a professional way. Editor components are usually used when you want to add colors, paragraphs, underlining and formatting in your text.

Angular Editor basic features

The text formatting options of our Editor for Angular include bold, underlined and italic as well as the capability to format blocks of text with different headers. You can choose between 4 default headers.

You can choose different fonts and font sizes as well as different background and text colors. There are seven default font sizes.

In addition to the formatting our Angular Editor enables also text alignment. You can have left, center and right alignment as well as indentation of the text. One of the very useful features is the capability to insert bulleted and numbered lists.

Apart from the formatting and alignment you can insert image and links.

Angular Editor

Angular Editor advanced features

One of the advanced features is the Localization. There are instructions in the documentation how to change the language.

Another feature is the capability to customize which tools are visible and which not by setting the tools property. In addition to that you can change the positioning of the toolbar to appear on the bottom and on the top and to insert custom tools in the toolbar. The last feature is very useful and enables you to enhance the editor with your own functions.

The Angular editor can be displayed as a popup editor where it appears after you click the popup.

You can also load external stylesheets and configure right-to-left representation. In addition the editor support printing through the Print method

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