Angular DataTable Sorting

In this blog we will show you the sorting capabilities of our Data Table for Angular.

Angular DataTable sorting functionality

Sorting is must have functionality in any advanced DataTable component. It is also one of the most frequently used operations. Our Data Table for Angular enables alphabetical, numeric and date and time sorting in addition to complex sorting with custom functions.

The Alphabetical sorting of strings is ascending (from A to Z), or descending (from Z to A). A small triangle showing the direction of the sort appears on the right of the column name after the values in the column are sorted. The form of the triangle symbol can be changed through CSS.

The ascending and descending sorting works also with numeric, float, dates and times.

Angular DataTable Sorting

Advanced Angular DataTable sorting

Complex sort and compare functions can be defined by using the custom sorting capability. With this functionality the user can define and change the default way strings, numbers and dates and times are compared. In this way sorting functionality different than alphabetical sorting can be realized.

One of the advanced sorting features of our Angular DataTable is the ability to change the sort background. When this option is selected the user can set a different background color for the sorted column and make it more visible.

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