Angular DataTable Column Reordering

We will show you in this blog column reordering with our Angular DataTable.

Our Angular DataTable offers rich functionality which can enable the use in complex business scenarios. One of the advanced features is column reordering.

The DataTable component is similar to the Grid component with the exception that it does not offer virtualization. Column reordering is a mandatory feature for all advanced DataTable components. With this option you can change the placing of the columns of the DataTable.

Angular DataTable Colum Reordering Features

When you move a column you can drag it and drop it on another column. You will see an image with the caption of the column while you are dragging it.

Angular DataTable Column Reordering

You can change the text and background colors and use the predefined themes including Angular Material themes.

All the other features of the DtatTable like sorting, filtering, grouping, paging, etc. are available with the reordered columns.

You can see the example here.

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