Angular Bubble Chart

In this blog we will show you the features of our Angular Bubble Chart.

The Bubble chart is used to show three dimensional data where two of the data values are shown on the x and y axis and the third value is represented by the size of the bubbles. It can be very useful to represent the volume of goods sold in time based on certain characteristics of the goods. For example the volume of sales per region and per cost of the goods sold.

Angular Bubble chart features

You can show more than one line series in our bubble chart. Each of the series can be represented in different colors. You can use one of our coloring schemes.

Angular Bubble Chart

You can also change the shape of the symbols representing the different series. The default symbols from which you can choose are: circle, diamond, square, tringle_up, triangle_down, triangle_left and triangle_right. If you have more than one data series you can represent the bubbles of each series with a different shape.

Our Angular Bubble chart supports also popups which give information for the selected bubble.

You can see an example here.

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