Angular 6 Text Input

In this blog we will demonstrate our Text Input Component for Angular.

The Angular Text Input is designed to enable you to input text in a field. Like the TextArea the Text Input gives suggestions while you enter the text. The component can be very useful in all cases when the user needs to enter text and especially if you want them to get suggestions while entering the text.

Angular Text Input Features

One of the useful features is binding to JSON. You can access the data source of the Text Input, which is a JavaScript Array through the source property.

Angular Text Input

In addition to that the Text Input enables Auto Complete. This means that suggestions starts to appear in a popup when you start entering text. This enables you to automatically complete the typing.

You can also have multiple values. In this way you can start inputting text, then get a suggestion and complete it and then continue typing and getting more suggestions.

The Text Input for Angular supports fluid design where the size can be given in percentages. In addition to that keyboard navigation and RTL are also supported.

You can see an example here.

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