Professional UI Components for React JS

Build great looking apps and sites with jQWidgets React JS components

jQWidgets JavaScript Framework includes more than 60 state-of-the-art React JS components for building enterprise grade applications. Save time and efforts with the most advanced library for interactive user interrface development. Get up to speed with hundreds of ReactJS examples.

React Components

Developing React JS Applications with jQWidgets

React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook for creating interactive user interfaces. It enables fast and efficient development of reusable UI components. React is extensible and works well with other JavaScript libraries and can be rendered server side with Node.js. It is becoming one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for professional application development.

Consistent and good looking UI which performs equally well on mobile and desktop devices is a must nowadays. React does not provide UI components and although there are many open source plugins they often lack features and support for complex, enterprise grade interfaces. jQWidgets library consits of more than 60 comprehensive UI components for ReactJS. They are well tested and supported and come with 100+ ready to use examples.

The set of React JS UI components includes Data Grid , Chart, Scheduler, TreeGrid and more. All components are tested with the most popular desktop and mobile browsers and work on PCs, tablets and phones. Using jQWidgets components for React JS can save you time and efforts in so you can focus on the core capabilities of your applications and web sites.

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